Thermalstop Information

Density(normal) = 2.0 lb./ft3
Closed cell
content = greater than 90%
R-value = 7 per inch thickness
Complies with federal and state environmental regulations.

Offers high density, closed-cell insulating efficiency using conventional spray foam technology for maximum affordability.

ThermalStop spray-in-place insulation is NCFI’s economical closed-cell alternative providing superior high-density, spray foam performance, without a mold and mildew inhibitor or life-of-the-home warranty.

ThermalStop insulation stops airflow into and out of your home and keeps dust and pollen out for a more comfortable environment. In some cases, a separate vapor barrier may not be necessary.

ThermalStop insulation will not settle, shrink or deteriorate and maintains its R-value and sound reduction qualities within close tolerances over the life of your home.

ThermalStop’s high R-value per inch allows designers to reduce the depth of exterior walls and still obtain the desired level of energy efficiency. This means more living space in your home. ThermalStop is formulated with an EPA approved blowing agent.